Chow Brothers – The Year of 2019

Looking back at what we have achieved in 2019 makes me shake my head. How did we achieve so much growth in 12 months? I think it is because we now truly have created an unstoppable machine.

Here are just some of the things my team has achieved this year:

Oaks Wellington Hotel

Completed and open despite Arrow Construction going bust half-way through the build. Never mind, we rolled up our sleeves, donned hard hats and got the job done ourselves, learning heaps about major construction processes on the way through.

Pullman Rotorua

Construction now completed and open to the public in January 2020. Our first 5-star hotel but definitely not our last.

RCR Infastructure

Purchased this commercial facilities management business out of Voluntary Administration, saving 85 jobs around the country as a result and in the process becoming owners of a business to complement our commercial property growth focus.

Palmerston North Building

Bought the tallest building in Palmy, initially intending to commence a hotel fit-out this year but instead deferring that plan to rescue NZTA who had to leave their premises with no notice due to earthquake risk issues, and now they have leased our entire building.

Vivian Street Wellington Hotel Site

We have gutted the old dance school building in readiness for a conversion to a smart hotel in 2020, to add to our existing hotels portfolio in Wellington, Rotorua and Auckland.

STC Hong Kong

Bought a majority interest in an on-line fashion magazine with intention to scale up across Asia, demonstrating that we will invest in much more than just property if the fundamentals show ability to grow exponentially.

Stonewood Homes won House of the Year Awards

The Christmas countdown is on and we are celebrating the Stonewood Homes franchisees who have won the House of the Year awards. We have 3 franchisees in the supreme award final tonight. It is fantastic to be here tonight celebrating with them. Stonewood homes are built with heart and we take great pride in our Stonewood family and making sure we deliver in the milestone that is a home.

Major Auckland Property Under Contract

And to cap the busiest of years off we have a major building in Auckland under contract while our team complete the due diligence process. I can’t say too much about this one yet but it is big and we have bold plans for it.

25th Anniversary

On October, Michael and I revealed our new Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and celebrated our company’s 25th anniversary with my friend, business partners, and staff.
”Working hard for something we don’t care about is called STRESS. Working hard for something we love is called PASSION.”

Japan Rugby World Cup 2019

#rugbyWorldCup2019 has been exciting, even though it was an unsuccesful one for the All Blacks, it made me reflect on the journey Michael and I have been on together for over two decades. Our failures have only made us stronger in the long run, as we learn from them and come back with more knowledge and skill than when we started.

2019 is the year of Growth

So, it was another year of extreme growth and our first move into becoming global. Next year I will be spending a lot more of my time based in our Hong Kong office but that is not to say we will slow down our national expansion in New Zealand. We have also openly targeted Australia as a growth opportunity and we are currently in negotiation with a business there with intention to invest early 2020.

Some of my LinkedIn friends say I need to slow down and take more time off but we now have business machine that only has a top gear and no neutral or reverse. There are too many opportunities to explore so 2020 will be another year of rapid growth, but I will get some r&r in over the break to refuel. I do feel lucky to head our team alongside my brother Michael but our success in 2019 has nothing to do with luck. Hard work, loyal staff, decisive decisions, an eye for hidden equity and a willingness to take risks; that’s why we are on this unstoppable path to Billionaire status.

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